Opinions Masquerading as Facts.

There is a ton of utter bollocks surrounding the ‘weight loss’ industry. I hope to not add too much to that. The key point for me is that all new information must pass through a rigorous bullshit detector. Most of what I write here will just be my opinion. I’m not in a position to ‘prove’ anything, but I will tell it as I see it. I’ll leave it to others to claim personal opinions or beliefs as ‘fact’.

You may disagree with my views, thats fine, add a comment on why and we can discuss and learn.


3 Responses

  1. I cycle 10 miles a day (to work), play football once a week and usually play about 3 or 4 games of tennis a week. However, I never lost any weight until I gave up chocolate and replaced it with fruit. I then lost about a stone.
    So exercise is fine (and more enjoyable if it’s team based – I can’t imagine anything worse then jogging) but you will have to change your eating behaviour – just identify your worst habit and change that – I doubt you need to do much else.
    Best of luck

    • Darn you Paul

      You’ve given me no option….Tomorrow is the launch of my new athletic me….I am going to return to 9 stone….i have hit 11 stone….and it’s my love of chocolate that reeled me to this gargantuan spot!!!!

  2. I lost two stones at a well known weight loss club. Then I really started having trouble losing the rest. The newer group leader only seemed to care about supporting her favourite members. I lost the weight with a previous group leader who didn’t have favourites.
    The club also seemed to revolve around selling us their various products at meetings. Then I watched a TV documentary about the history of the club and there was actual film footage of a senior staff member saying clearly, “Fat people are stupid..”

    I cancelled my membership and decided to look elsewhere for support with slimming and getting a healthier lifestyle.
    It’s refreshing to see someone talking frankly about the issues. As a lady I’m fed up with women’s magazines that constantly shove short term diets at us just so that vulnerable souls will buy their magazine.

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