Losing weight reducing fat

Losing weight is easy – you could donate a pint of blood that will lose you half a kilo (a pound) or so. You could not drink for some time, your weight will reduce for sure (not normally recommended).

Reducing body fat is not so simple.

Overweight is usually just a (currently) more polite way of saying fat, or more likely obese. In most cases when people talk about weight they are really talking about body fat.

Weight is very important for weight categorised sports like boxing, for most of us though, the issue is fat not weight.

I’ll try to use the term fat rather than weight, unless I’m talking about the weight of fat some of us are carting around all day.

I dont care about my weight, what I care about is the excess lard I’m carrying. I want to reduce my body fat content. I think it is important to face up to this fact and use the right terminology so as to keep on target.

If you consider yourself ‘overweight’ (or ‘vertically challenged’!) and the terms ‘excess body fat’, ‘fat’ and ‘obese’ offend you then I’m sorry for that. I have no idea whether that attitude will help or hinder any attempts you make at ‘weight management’ (body composition management). Leave a comment and let us know.


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  1. I completely agree with you. Once I started to realize that I was carting around extra fat I was completely disgusted. Especially when I started to work at a health clinic and saw what a 5lbs blob of fat looks like, gross!

  2. hey im an mma fighter but ive been out of the system fior a year ive tried a few things but i am looking for a diet that works ! if anyone knows a good diet to drop weight fast please let me know .


    • I lost a lot of weight using the free ‘MyFitnessPal’ app on Android (Google Play). Essentially its just a really easy to use calorie counter. As a typical adult male, I should be eating 2500 calories a day. I set myself a target to eat a max of only 1800 a day and changed the foods I eat to more veg and less meat, fats and oils. This method is great, as it results in steady weight loss. You can also eat whatever you want, as long as It’s in moderation. Avoid yoghurt coated dried fruits/nuts. They are often badges

  3. Hi,
    I just wanted to say that for years I was so concerned with my weight that I tried everything, what I was actually concerned about was my shape and fat content, which i finally realised i could deal with by going Vegan and cycling, now all I do is weigh myself once every few months to see that my weight is stable, and it varies by 4kg either way usually depending on the time of year. I reduced my weight from 13st 9ibs to 10st 6lbs within months, it settled at 11 st eventually and my cholesterol reduced to 2, now I enjoy my food and enjoy buying clothes and wearing them!
    Love Alp

  4. Thanks for the guidelines shared in your blog. Yet another thing I would like to say is that weight reduction is not all about going on a dietary fad and trying to shed as much weight as you\’re able in a couple of days. The most effective way to lose weight naturally is by getting it bit by bit and right after some basic ideas which can make it easier to make the most through your attempt to shed pounds. You may realize and already be following some tips, nevertheless reinforcing awareness never damages.


    • Chris,
      It must be so difficult for someone in a wheelchair to find effective ways of losing weight. Not that it is comparable, but after a dislocated ankle I couldn’t walk for 5 weeks let alone exercise and began to pile on the pounds. I took up swimming, a great aerobic cardio exercise which along with a healthy diet WILL result in ‘fat loss’. You can use floats shaped like tubes which attach to your legs and allow you to swim, working your arms, back and stomach muscles. You will not only endure cardio exersise but also tone these muscles.
      As long as you are expending more calories than you intake you will lose the pounds.
      Also,try reducing the amount of carbs you eat (carbs are full of energy and if you are not expending the energy you consume then your body will store it!). I always find that I give all or nothing! if i work out, I eat healthily and think about what I eat. If I don’t, the blinkers come on and the chocolate comes out! Good Luck!

  6. My partner and myself have recently stared to lose weight by counting our calories I started end of feb 2012 and have already lost over a stone my partner started in october and has already lost 4 stone it is a long hall but worth it in the end when you see what you can do

  7. Further to my post we also do cycling 3 days a week and walking twicw a week

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