Holiday Lard

How is your holiday lard removal program going?

Mines not too bad actually.

I reckon I put on 2kg (4 lbs) and I have lost one kilo.

Today was not a good day though.

Sadly I am still looking at 90 from the wrong side, but at least it is in sight at the moment.

Happy New Year 2012

Ready for the January Detox?
I have got some serious work to do to shift my festive lard this year.
Not done an official weigh in yet (too scared!)

A Temple

My darling wife offered me a chocolate cookie last night. I am on a bit of a health kick at the moment (which is different to actually having lost some lard). so I said:

“not for me, my body is a temple”

At  which my 7 year old son looked up quizzically and said “what… big and round with a point on top?”


Welcome back

Hi so I have been away for a while.

And mixed news – I got down to 77.0 kg (170 lbs , 12 stone 2 lbs) a few months ago (July 2010 ish I guess). things were good, clothes fitted better than for a long time, I felt healthy, I was getting more active etc etc. But I was watching what I ate like a hawk and eventually it got  too hard so I decided to to a little break from the aggressive weight loss.

That break turned out to be a little longer, and a little deeper, and a lot fatter than I planned. I am now back up to 85.0 kg (187 lbs , 13 stone 5 lbs). Bit gutted really.

But anyway as of today the program is back on.

Update next weekend.


Still still here – still fat

My efforts in reducing my body fat are directly proportional to my efforts with this blog.

That means both have been floundering for months.

I havent even weighed myself for months, I know its not a disaster as I can still get in my ‘big’ clothes. But there has been a marked lack of progress.

I have been under some pressure at work (as usual), but actually this week I feel like I may have turned a corner on that front. I’m clearly a typical single task bloke, I’m just hoping fairly soon that single task can be focussing on health and fitness and working.

The crap summer didn’t help either (thats how fragile my weight management is!)

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for all the encouragement.

Update 25 Apr

A mixed bag over the last week, but overall good news.

I scraped in at 87 kg ( 192 lbs, 13 stone 10 lbs) this morning.

Overall since I started this blog that is a net loss of zero, which is not overly impressive. But its a kilo lost in the last week which is a result. Having seen 90 kg on the scales getting back to 87 is a relief. And I feel noticeably better.

Most importantly I think I have got into a half decent habits the last few weeks so I’m mildly confident I can continue.

Best wait till next weeks results though to be sure.


I’m still here, still as fat as ever!

I’ve had a mixed few weeks, but am rapidly coming to the conclusion that obsessive is not working for me anymore. It works well for a week or so, but is unsustainable, and the rebound puts me back where I started or worse.

I have started doing some sports coaching, which whilst it isn’t much physical effort itself seems to be keeping me focused on healthy/sensible eating.

I am doing a bit of exercise too, but niggling injuries are slowing me down quite a bit.

I’m currently at: 88 kg ( 194 lbs, 13 stone 12 lbs) which is worse than a month ago, but better than a week ago.

This weekend we have a visit to the parents – always a healthy eating nightmare. They will have all kinds of junk, supposedly ‘for the kids’ but the adults will waste no time in tucking in either. A true test of my resolve! although it may be easier just to go with the flow for the day and pick things up again next week.

I always fear days off, my experience has been the minute I back off and relax for a day I rarely get back to healthy eating. what about you?