Autumn 2017

Well it’s feeling a little more like winter than Autumn – we have had the first frosts already.

But my ‘cut’ went well, very well in fact. But I have had enough of that for now.

A few weeks ago I was 88.0 kg (194 lbs : 13 stone 12 lbs)

Yesterday I weighed in at 85.5 kg (188 lbs : 13 stone 6 lbs)

Happy with that…

I now just want to grind out a gradual progression focussing on the next kilo to lose, and stepping back up the activity. That cut was about 1kg per week for 3 weeks. Now I plan to aim for 0.5kg (1lb) per week whilst working on strength and cardio fitness.


Gym Rest Timer

One of the things that has thrown a spanner in the works of my body-weight based fat loss program is weight training.

I have been doing lots of it. And added a good bit of strength, and therefore muscle, and therefore fat free weight.

So if I weigh the same, but can lift more weight, have I lost any fat? Yes as it turns out.

One key element to weight training is controlling rest breaks between sets.  If I am pushing hard I might need to take 2 or 3 minutes, but on a lighter day I can recover enough in 60 seconds.

I have been using this Gym Rest Timer app (for Android devices only), every session.

Prior to that I was just kind of guessing or using my (unwieldy) phone clock. I failed quite a few sets because I probably didn’t have enough rest. And a few times my weights session seemed to last hours – probably due to much too long rest breaks.

Anyway my new app is super simple to use, at the end of a set I decide how hard it was, easy: 60 or 90 secs rest, hard: 2 mins, killer: 3 mins, didnt finish: 5 mins. Click the button, chill and wait for the beep.


Check it out.

Holiday Lard

How is your holiday lard removal program going?

Mines not too bad actually.

I reckon I put on 2kg (4 lbs) and I have lost one kilo.

Today was not a good day though.

Sadly I am still looking at 90 from the wrong side, but at least it is in sight at the moment.

Happy New Year 2012

Ready for the January Detox?
I have got some serious work to do to shift my festive lard this year.
Not done an official weigh in yet (too scared!)

A Temple

My darling wife offered me a chocolate cookie last night. I am on a bit of a health kick at the moment (which is different to actually having lost some lard). so I said:

“not for me, my body is a temple”

At  which my 7 year old son looked up quizzically and said “what… big and round with a point on top?”


Welcome back

Hi so I have been away for a while.

And mixed news – I got down to 77.0 kg (170 lbs , 12 stone 2 lbs) a few months ago (July 2010 ish I guess). things were good, clothes fitted better than for a long time, I felt healthy, I was getting more active etc etc. But I was watching what I ate like a hawk and eventually it got  too hard so I decided to to a little break from the aggressive weight loss.

That break turned out to be a little longer, and a little deeper, and a lot fatter than I planned. I am now back up to 85.0 kg (187 lbs , 13 stone 5 lbs). Bit gutted really.

But anyway as of today the program is back on.

Update next weekend.


Still still here – still fat

My efforts in reducing my body fat are directly proportional to my efforts with this blog.

That means both have been floundering for months.

I havent even weighed myself for months, I know its not a disaster as I can still get in my ‘big’ clothes. But there has been a marked lack of progress.

I have been under some pressure at work (as usual), but actually this week I feel like I may have turned a corner on that front. I’m clearly a typical single task bloke, I’m just hoping fairly soon that single task can be focussing on health and fitness and working.

The crap summer didn’t help either (thats how fragile my weight management is!)

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for all the encouragement.