Mid March update

Things are going well

I realised that my ‘little’ choco rewards were the calorie equivalent to multiple days of hard dieting. So [sad face] I have cut back on the rewards [more sad face].

On the plus side I am now down to 88.5 kg (195 lbs : 13 stone 13 lbs), and what’s better is I feel I can keep it up. Even better is how I feel, its only a couple of kg but I feel slimmer and lighter

What seems to be working well diet-wise is replacing the carb element of tea (evening meal – the main one for us) with extra green veg. (carb element being generally pasta, which I don’t really like anyway, rice, which I do quite like, or tatties, which I love. Oh and bread is history too [even more sad face].

This change seems to especially help with the late night snacking.

I havent cut carbs totally, that didn’t go well at all, I specifically have them around exercise.

Looking forward to seeing 87. something on the scales for the first time in a long time…


finally I am back to 90kg

Famous last words…

Last update that was me just back to 90, I had a little wobble, and now, again, I am back to 90.0 kg (198 lbs : 14 stone 2 lbs).

It’s like groundhog day…

(90 kg is 30% body fat for me, which is ‘obese’. which seems a bit harsh. But that is because the people I would call obese are actually morbidly obese, and the people I would call fat (like me) are technically medically obese… This is a common underestimation).

I would really like my weight to oscillate around 88 in March, and then perhaps 85 in April??

Onwards and downwards. hopefully…