Feb 2019 update

God those last few posts make frustrating reading. 85.5 kg and working on x y and z…

I just caught myself saying ‘finally I am back to 90kg’…

Christmas was a mess this year, and Jan wasn’t massively better. I went from 88.0 kg (194 lbs : 13 stone 12 lbs) in November to 93.0 kg (205 lbs : 14 stone 9 lbs), (possibly 94) around the new year.

In Jan I lost a tiny bit. I have noticed a pattern: over Christmas I put on 1 or 2 kg, in January I lose about half of it, the rest stays for ever…  This year I put on 3 or 4 and lost 1 !

I tried a new diet in Jan, not sure if it coincided with an illness but I felt like total crap, utterly drained and completely lethargic. So stopped it, not convinced it was working anyway. I felt so shit I actually went to the doctors, pointless as usual, no wonder I only go once every 10 years…  But he did say I could do with losing a few kg.

Now I am back training and eating sensibly hopefully things will improve.

I need to go back and review those weights I was lifting because I did a light session yesterday and it almost wiped me out.

My big worry at the moment is over training, I had a few concerning episodes last year with the weights. I think as I get older my ability to recover from hard sessions has plummeted. But its not always obvious when a session is hard. I need to learn to tell the difference between being a lazy twat and needed more recovery.

Anyway the scores on the door today are 90.0 kg (198 lbs : 14 stone 2 lbs)

When I see less than 90 I have a choco treat lined up.  Yeah yeah I know all the ‘experts’ (generally people who have never personally lost any weight themselves, because they never needed too) say don’t use unhealthy rewards, but bollocks to them. Frankly.

Update next week, hopefully.