Time of year

Its that time of year when thoughts turn to losing the Christmas lard.

I had got down to 83.0 kg (183 lbs , 13 stone 1 lbs) a week or two before the Chrsitmas eatathon. This morning I weighed in at 85.0 kg (187 lbs , 13 stone 5 lbs).

2 kilos /4 pounds doesn’t seem that bad, and is a lot less than it feels in fairness. Anyway its full steam ahead to get rid of that ASAP.

I’ll keep you posted on progress.


2 Responses

  1. Cut our all fruit and pasta. Replace the fruit with veg, even for brekkie, if you can stand it. Replace the pasta with rivita or potatoes.

    Switch from sugary snacks to plain crisps or hula hoops or salted popcorn.

    Cut the sugar. Keep the (good fats). Ditch the lard.

  2. Good luck. Almost exactly the same numbers as me. Lost 20lbs, down to 13’1″ hit December, party, meet up, dinner, party, Xmas do, meet up etc etc now at 13’8″ but am jumping back on the wagon. Getting into group exercise ( body combat and body pump ). But not rushing the weightloss. Sticking to between a pound and two a week!

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