Welcome back

Hi so I have been away for a while.

And mixed news – I got down to 77.0 kg (170 lbs , 12 stone 2 lbs) a few months ago (July 2010 ish I guess). things were good, clothes fitted better than for a long time, I felt healthy, I was getting more active etc etc. But I was watching what I ate like a hawk and eventually it got  too hard so I decided to to a little break from the aggressive weight loss.

That break turned out to be a little longer, and a little deeper, and a lot fatter than I planned. I am now back up to 85.0 kg (187 lbs , 13 stone 5 lbs). Bit gutted really.

But anyway as of today the program is back on.

Update next weekend.



2 Responses

  1. Hey Frank, good to see you back 🙂

    Oooh, those little breaks can be a pig, can’t they. I’ve sort of come to a halt and have been here for a while, although I’d still like to shed some more blubber (mostly from that flabby belly).

    Maybe 2011 will be our year, what do you think?

  2. Just found your blog Frank – I am the heaviest i have ever been 15st 5lbs – just turned 50 last week.

    I used to be super fit 11st 8lbs muscly guy

    Back on a diet – will let you know how it goes and good luck with your endeavours – its an inspiration to read.

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