Still still here – still fat

My efforts in reducing my body fat are directly proportional to my efforts with this blog.

That means both have been floundering for months.

I havent even weighed myself for months, I know its not a disaster as I can still get in my ‘big’ clothes. But there has been a marked lack of progress.

I have been under some pressure at work (as usual), but actually this week I feel like I may have turned a corner on that front. I’m clearly a typical single task bloke, I’m just hoping fairly soon that single task can be focussing on health and fitness and working.

The crap summer didn’t help either (thats how fragile my weight management is!)

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for all the encouragement.


3 Responses

  1. Still fat, eh? So what!

    You haven’t given up, even though you say “that’s how fragile my weight management is”, the vital point is this – you are STILL HERE. That’s a success in my book.

    OK, so it’s been a crappy summer – yep, agreed (in more ways than one). So, let’s both give ourselves a firm kick up the podgy posterior and make it a better, more successful, autumn – whadda you reckon?

  2. Come on Frank, you can do it….if not for yourself then for others. What about some sort of sponsored diet or voluntary work which will take your mind off food.

  3. Thanks Jan
    That was the prod I needed to post something.

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