Still here, still fat

Sorry things have been quiet I have been under pressure at work.

Which also explains why I havent focused on losing fat, which also explains why I havent. In fact I’m pleased not to have put a load of weight on.

I am hoping to pick things up in the next week or 2.


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  1. Well done for keeping the weight stable – it’s always a LOT harder when you are under pressure. All the best for getting back to losing again. Keep at it lad!

  2. Hi mate, came across your website whilst looking for a kg->lbs converter.

    It’s interesting to see you are trying to lose a bit of weight because I made exactly that decision in Nov 2005. At the time I was 111.6 kg / 17st 7 / 246 lbs.
    I am now 77.7 kg / 12st 4 / 171 lbs. (30% weightloss)

    And have not been above 85kg (my upper limit) in the last 2.5 years :o]
    1. NO beer, bread, pasta or potato.
    2. LOTS Veg, Meat, Quorn, Water (3l/day).
    Cut out treats where you can but don’t be too hard on yourself or you will break and raid the fridge.

    After you’ve lost weight the MOST important thing is to remember that you can have treats but not more than twice a week! AND for every 1 lb you lose, you need to maintain that weight loss for at least 1 month otherwise your body tries to maintain the equilibrium by piling it back on – this is why fad diets don’t work i.e. lose 5kilo in a week and gain 5.5kilo the week after.

    The mantra is: “I want to lose weight more than I want to eat”.

    1. Root veg (Onion, Carrot, Beetroot, Parsnip) have LOTS of sugars so eat sparingly. Green veg is excellent all-round.
    Fruits can be high in sugars but berries are great; Straw-, rasp-, black-, blue- etc.

    2. Quorn is not as cardboardlike as you think and you can have 5 Quorn sausages for the same calories as 1 pork sausage!

    3. Water helps cleanse the system – worth drinking. Think of it as magical weight loss juice.

    4. Don’t miss breakfast OR lunch. Porridge / muesli / cheerios are great.
    For lunch try to avoid baguettes and sandwiches. Learn to eat salad without the bread. Check out the fresh soups on offer at the supermarket.

    5. Plan your meals for the week as this will avoid you relying on cheese on toast and takeaways. e.g.
    MON – Chinese stir fry (not too much oil)
    TUE – 1/4 Roast chicken and salad with 1x tortilla
    WED – Home made lamb shish kebabs with peppers and mushrooms
    THU – Homemade beef burgers without baps
    FRI – Steak with green veg and carrots
    SAT – Veggie day = Quorn swedish meatballs with tomato sauce and peas with a *bit* of spaghetti.
    SUN – Roast dinner (heavy n the veg, light on the potatoes).

    Be careful with alcohol. It has LOTS of sugars and makes you want to eat food that is not the healthiest on offer. Try to avoid the first and last pint of the session as this will save you ~400-500 calories (~25% of your recommended calorie intake).

    HOPE THAT HELPS (it’s a lot longer han I intended)

  3. Thanks Ashley
    I like the mantra – not sure if I can convince myself though – lose weight or one more chocolate hobnob?
    The theory is easy enough its having the will power to follow through.
    I think things are easing up at work so I’ll be able to try a bit harder at this hopefully.
    We’ll see!

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