Update 25 Apr

A mixed bag over the last week, but overall good news.

I scraped in at 87 kg ( 192 lbs, 13 stone 10 lbs) this morning.

Overall since I started this blog that is a net loss of zero, which is not overly impressive. But its a kilo lost in the last week which is a result. Having seen 90 kg on the scales getting back to 87 is a relief. And I feel noticeably better.

Most importantly I think I have got into a half decent habits the last few weeks so I’m mildly confident I can continue.

Best wait till next weeks results though to be sure.



I’m still here, still as fat as ever!

I’ve had a mixed few weeks, but am rapidly coming to the conclusion that obsessive is not working for me anymore. It works well for a week or so, but is unsustainable, and the rebound puts me back where I started or worse.

I have started doing some sports coaching, which whilst it isn’t much physical effort itself seems to be keeping me focused on healthy/sensible eating.

I am doing a bit of exercise too, but niggling injuries are slowing me down quite a bit.

I’m currently at: 88 kg ( 194 lbs, 13 stone 12 lbs) which is worse than a month ago, but better than a week ago.

This weekend we have a visit to the parents – always a healthy eating nightmare. They will have all kinds of junk, supposedly ‘for the kids’ but the adults will waste no time in tucking in either. A true test of my resolve! although it may be easier just to go with the flow for the day and pick things up again next week.

I always fear days off, my experience has been the minute I back off and relax for a day I rarely get back to healthy eating. what about you?