Progress to 11 March

The week of obsessive effort followed by 3 weeks recovery didn’t prove too effective. (net result no weight loss for the month)

I’ve changed things quite a bit now, I’m mainly focussing on getting out and doing some exercise. I’m not beating myself up over what I eat but I’m not going mad either. I’m not on the scales everyday either.

I have been out pretty much everyday for the last 10 days or so and it looks like I’ve lost a kilo (2 lbs) or so.

What I am trying to do is focus on the positives – getting out and enjoying a ride or a run (not too easy with some of the crappy weather we have had recently). rather than focus on the negatives like weight and diet. I reckon those things will come in time if I can keep enjoying my exercise.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is very grim so I hope I can drag myself out.

I think just going and enjoying the activity should mean motivation will not be a problem, but we’ll see. In the past I have had feelings of guilt for going out and enjoying a bike ride when there are chores to do or the kids to play with. At some point you have to say I have to do this for my health, thats where I am at now.


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