Council facilities

The mainstays of my (intermittent) fitness campaigns are riding my bike and running. I used to do a lot of gym work, but now we live a bit more remotely it doesn’t make so much sense.

Today though I decided for a change I would go to town and do a circuits session and go for a swim after. Thats a half an hour drive (each way), only to find out they cancelled the class. I didn’t find out why, I was so gutted. I just drove home fuming.

I also stopped playing football with the kids to make the class, by the time I got home from my wasted trip it was dark. So not only did I not get any exercise, but I missed out on alternative activities. Bloody council!

And then the government wonder why the population is getting fatter and fatter. Its hard enough to get in shape, without the government funded facilites working against us. And of course I fund my local leisure centre too through local taxation (poll tax).

I had also looked at buying a season pass, but they are not priced to encourage participation, or to improve the health of the nation. A single session is between 3-4 GBP, so trying to keep within the government guidelines of 5 sessions a week would cost roughly 900 quid a year, at which point 400 odd for an annual pass doesn’t look too bad as long as you aren’t off with illness or injury much of course.

Net result? looks like I am going to be sticking with biking a running!


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