Pattern forming

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while.

I did my obsessive approach, and it worked well for a week, then I thought I ‘d have a day or two off. That was a month ago!

This is pretty much what happened last time too. And that seems to be the pattern, obsess for a week or two, and do lots of exercise and blog posts, then take a break and forget all about diet, exercise and blog posts.

So I lost about 1kg (2lb) during my week of effort, which I put back on the following week whilst ‘rewarding’ myself for my exertions.

I had a (brief) go on my sons skateboard the other day, brief because I saw it had a weight limit of 75 kg ( 165 lbs, 11 stone 11 lbs) that really struck home – too fat to skateboard!

Anyway I have had some serious lifestyle thoughts which I will share as time goes on. For now the key thing is I have come to the conclusion that my career choice is not a healthy one.


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