99% success and still fat

Interesting discussion with someone the other day.

She would like to reduce her body fat. She suggested that her food intake matched her needs pretty well most of the time, and her weight was stable, just too high.

I though about this, and if you eat just right for your needs 99% of the time then over a year you could overeat 4-5 days. (birthdays, Christmas etc etc) if you gained 200g each of those 5 days you just gained 1 kilo, 2 lbs in the year. 10 days 2kg, etc

That kilo per year drift is not far off what I have experienced.

That seems pretty harsh, 99% successful and still 10 – 20kg too fat.

Of course I didn’t count those days you might have under eaten, but seriously how many of us ever go to bed hungry?

By ‘us’ I’m talking about people wanting to lose weight/fat. Not often I reckon.