Operation obsessive – day 4 and 5 report

Today (fri)

Late last night I sneaked a couple of biscuits, and things have sort of gone downhill. No exercise today due to snow and generally crappy weather. Diet has been poor, but not a complete disaster. Don’t feel anywhere near as good as yesterday. Lost about 40 quid in rewards I’m not getting. I need to pick things up for the weekend, or I’ll put back all I’ve lost this week.


Went for a decent run, ate sensibly, felt good. earned 20 quid in rewards or something.

The day before

I did a decent bike ride (by current standards!), just over half an hour, at a fair pace. I ate no junk and didn’t totally gorge myself at meal times. I ate a lot but no so much it hurt like I usually do.

The day before that

I had to take a rest, but somehow still managed to eat sensibly.


2 Responses

  1. Fat frank,
    Just a little tip for you. I was 16.5 stone(231 pounds) at the start of Nov. I am 6ft tall…At the end of Nov I was 15.5 stone(217 pounds). Lost a good bit of weight…
    I was told I had high blood pressure and that I had to loose weight. My target weight is 13.5 stone.
    I have cut down on snacks/Junk food…But the doctor gave me a tip for loosing weight which works. I am a quick eater and tend to gorge food…He told me to take that little bit longer to eat because it takes at least 15 mins for the brain to figure out the stomach is full…I find myself eating less now and feeling less bloated also drink a glass of water before starting your meals.
    Dont be so down on yourself, It is hard to cut the habit of a lifetime. And give yourself a treat every now and then..Lets say 1 Chinese a week or a couple of cookies a day, at the end of the day it will be a cut from what you have eaten before.

    Listen I hope everything works out for you and you reach your target weight.

    All the best,

  2. Well done on the weight loss Tony.

    Thanks for the eating tip, I do try for a glass of water beforehand, but I struggle to eat slow. Years of rushing before the kids kick off, and being totally starving when I sit down.

    Some days I notice I just shovel it in and swallow barely chewing!
    You’re right I should try harder to eat slowly
    Good luck on getting to your target weight.

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