99% success and still fat

Interesting discussion with someone the other day.

She would like to reduce her body fat. She suggested that her food intake matched her needs pretty well most of the time, and her weight was stable, just too high.

I though about this, and if you eat just right for your needs 99% of the time then over a year you could overeat 4-5 days. (birthdays, Christmas etc etc) if you gained 200g each of those 5 days you just gained 1 kilo, 2 lbs in the year. 10 days 2kg, etc

That kilo per year drift is not far off what I have experienced.

That seems pretty harsh, 99% successful and still 10 – 20kg too fat.

Of course I didn’t count those days you might have under eaten, but seriously how many of us ever go to bed hungry?

By ‘us’ I’m talking about people wanting to lose weight/fat. Not often I reckon.


Weekend update

Friday I had a bit of a day off, I ate some junk, drank some beer, and didn’t do much exercise.

Saturday I ate well, but didn’t do much activity.

Sunday I ate well, and did loads of activity, bike ride, run, footy with the kids. And I feel good.

One thing from my day off on Friday, I had had my eye on some crisps (well known brand) for a while. I had a pack in a sandwich for dinner. They totally burnt my mouth! I could not believe how strong the flavouring was (prawn cocktail). I didn’t taste anything else I ate for the rest of that day – shocking.

Currently I have no interest in eating rubbish, partly due to ‘the spreadsheet’, but also I hope partly to do with the shocking effect of those crisps.

The delicate flavours of natural foods have no chance once your taste buds have been numbed by this processed stuff.

On the spreadsheet I got up to 70 quid ahead, then Fri and Sat happened. After Sunday its down to 30 quid, looks like I’ll have to delay the rewards I was planning.

Weightwise things havent changed much, but I am sure they will, as even Friday, my worst day for a week or 2 was nothing like the gorging of the run up to Christmas.

I had hoped to get down to 87 kg ( 192 lbs, 13 stone 10 lbs) last Friday, that is now my target for this coming Friday.

Operation obsessive – day 4 and 5 report

Today (fri)

Late last night I sneaked a couple of biscuits, and things have sort of gone downhill. No exercise today due to snow and generally crappy weather. Diet has been poor, but not a complete disaster. Don’t feel anywhere near as good as yesterday. Lost about 40 quid in rewards I’m not getting. I need to pick things up for the weekend, or I’ll put back all I’ve lost this week.


Went for a decent run, ate sensibly, felt good. earned 20 quid in rewards or something.

The day before

I did a decent bike ride (by current standards!), just over half an hour, at a fair pace. I ate no junk and didn’t totally gorge myself at meal times. I ate a lot but no so much it hurt like I usually do.

The day before that

I had to take a rest, but somehow still managed to eat sensibly.