Operation obsessive – day 2 report

Tinkering around the edges didn’t work so well, so this week I am trying being obsessive.

Its working well so far – I haven’t ‘forgot’ I’m on a diet. I have pushed myself to get out and get active.

I have set myself up a spreadsheet with the following columns:

  1. date
  2. Target weight
  3. actual weight
  4. difference
  5. diet good
  6. diet bad
  7. activity 1
  8. activity 2
  9. activity 3
  10. activity 4
  11. no activity
  12. total
  13. cumulative total

In each column from 5 – 11 I have put a pound value, so for 5. good diet I award myself a fiver. For 6. Diet bad I take a tenner off. Likewise for activities.

Best possible case I can earn 25 quid a day, worst would lose me thirty. I also have some reward for hitting my weight loss target. I think that will be a tenner a week, not sure yet. If things go mad financially I may have to review the rates. But honestly, I’d happily spend a few hundred quid to lose 10 kilo’s (22 lbs). And a few hundred more to lose another 10 after that.

Anyway the hope is that filling this in each day will keep me focused. And I have lots of ideas on what to spend my reward on. (assuming I hit my targets.)


One Response

  1. I would commend the Weight Watchers website to you. Their “Points Tracker” is an obsessives dream. It has improved a lot recently and a very useful feature now allows you to record “Activity” points, much of what you have on your Excel worksheet.

    “Points” is not for all but the big eye opener for me is that any exercise can quickly be cancelled out by a fat laden snack. My constant failing has been exercising and then feeling I have carte blanche to eat what I want. This site keeps me honest and stops me undoing the good work. BTW you don’t have to go to WW “meetings” and all that stuff.

    Thanks for the conversion chart – I have it printed and stuck to my wall.

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