Weekend update

Managed to get out for a run on Sat, and a run and a ride today (Sun).

Probably more importantly today I ate zero junk, which must be the first time since the start of the Christmas build up months ago. yahoo.

I am convinced that the exercise was the key factor in controlling my junk food tendencies. I hope I can keep it up. I went out shortly after getting up, and just before it went dark. Its light for probably 2 hours a day longer than it was before Christmas, that a big factor for me as I like to exercise outside and thats not realistic in the dark.

I also drank plenty of water which may possibly have helped take the edge off my appetite too.

This coming week I am aiming to do 2 sessions a day and eat very sensibly.

Late last week I was 89.2 kg ( 197 lbs, 14 stone 1 lbs) @ 30% fat (seems low)

By next Friday I want to be 87.something. We’ll see.

What targets have you got?


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