Blog effect

Friday was a poor day, I didn’t get active and I ate a buch of junk.

Today (Sat) I was all set to do the same, then I came on here, thought about posting, and decided to drag my lazy arse out for a run. Which was a challenge as the weather here is grim to very grim (horizontal drizzle).

Anyway I did a 15 minute run, my heart rate monitor suggests I burnt 300 cals. If only I hadn’t eaten half a dozen 60 calorie biscuits after my dinner I would have been ahead. Maybe tomorrow…

If it hadn’t been for wanting to write something on the blog I think I would have stayed in and eaten more junk, so the blog saved me today. Lets hope it continues to help, and I hope its helping some of you too.

Next week I am going obsessive for 5 days to try and make some progress. If you fancy joining in please do.


2 Responses

  1. I just noticed you burnt 300 calories in 15 minutes. That seems awfully high to me. Are you sure your monitor isn’t overcounting?

  2. Hmm good point. I’ve always ignored it before because it seems to read high for running and low for the bike. Especially as the intensity is similar.

    I’m a bit of a fat knacker, and my heart rate was 70-80%, but now you mention it, and I have looked around, 200 might be more realistic. Damn thats even less biscuits!

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