How was your Christmas?

I hope you did better than me!

After all my big talk last Oct, I got really busy at work, and as usual the first thing to suffer was my health campaign. Then Christmas happened, and I did appallingly badly! I ate my own body weight in shite all day everyday for weeks. I should be thankful things aren’t worse than they are!

And of course eating the wrong food just made me lazy and lethargic so I didn’t do much activity – the classic double whammy.

So from getting down to

Weight: 83.8 kg ( 185 lbs, 13 stone 3 lbs) in Oct, I am now

Weight: 89.2 kg ( 197 lbs, 14 stone 1 lbs)

A gain of almost 6 kg, 12Ibs, that almost a 10% increase, about the weight of an extra arm, or a small child. Whatever, its not good!

Sorry for being out of touch for so long, but I am back now and focused again. Updates should be more regular from now on.


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