Op ob day 3

Its working.

The kids had a treat after tea today, I cruised around, there were some interesting options. But in the end I didn’t want to put ‘fail’ on my spreadsheet so I didn’t have any. ace.

Exercise-wise I had a steady day, I have been pushing it and was knackered, thankfully I managed to survive without my exercise shield.

Weightwise I’ve lost over a kilo this week, but thats a bit misleading I think as I always lose loads the first few days and then things settle down to a slow grind. The sort of slow grind I don’t find very motivating – hence the need for obsessive record keeping.

I’m looking forward to getting out on my bike tomorrow (hope the weather is less miserable than it was today).


Operation obsessive – day 2 report

Tinkering around the edges didn’t work so well, so this week I am trying being obsessive.

Its working well so far – I haven’t ‘forgot’ I’m on a diet. I have pushed myself to get out and get active.

I have set myself up a spreadsheet with the following columns:

  1. date
  2. Target weight
  3. actual weight
  4. difference
  5. diet good
  6. diet bad
  7. activity 1
  8. activity 2
  9. activity 3
  10. activity 4
  11. no activity
  12. total
  13. cumulative total

In each column from 5 – 11 I have put a pound value, so for 5. good diet I award myself a fiver. For 6. Diet bad I take a tenner off. Likewise for activities.

Best possible case I can earn 25 quid a day, worst would lose me thirty. I also have some reward for hitting my weight loss target. I think that will be a tenner a week, not sure yet. If things go mad financially I may have to review the rates. But honestly, I’d happily spend a few hundred quid to lose 10 kilo’s (22 lbs). And a few hundred more to lose another 10 after that.

Anyway the hope is that filling this in each day will keep me focused. And I have lots of ideas on what to spend my reward on. (assuming I hit my targets.)

Feeling fat

I have noticed recently especially, that I am now so fat it really affects my movement. Bending over, getting in and out of the car, doing up shoe laces. These are all things that my belly is now impeding.

Not to mention my legs being sore from rubbing, or the seemingly independent motion of my chest and belly if I run somewhere.

I’m sure I have lost a fair amount of flexibility from inactivity, but I’m also sure that the physical mass of fat is preventing my from doing certain things.

That is actually quite shocking.

Weekend update

Managed to get out for a run on Sat, and a run and a ride today (Sun).

Probably more importantly today I ate zero junk, which must be the first time since the start of the Christmas build up months ago. yahoo.

I am convinced that the exercise was the key factor in controlling my junk food tendencies. I hope I can keep it up. I went out shortly after getting up, and just before it went dark. Its light for probably 2 hours a day longer than it was before Christmas, that a big factor for me as I like to exercise outside and thats not realistic in the dark.

I also drank plenty of water which may possibly have helped take the edge off my appetite too.

This coming week I am aiming to do 2 sessions a day and eat very sensibly.

Late last week I was 89.2 kg ( 197 lbs, 14 stone 1 lbs) @ 30% fat (seems low)

By next Friday I want to be 87.something. We’ll see.

What targets have you got?

Blog effect

Friday was a poor day, I didn’t get active and I ate a buch of junk.

Today (Sat) I was all set to do the same, then I came on here, thought about posting, and decided to drag my lazy arse out for a run. Which was a challenge as the weather here is grim to very grim (horizontal drizzle).

Anyway I did a 15 minute run, my heart rate monitor suggests I burnt 300 cals. If only I hadn’t eaten half a dozen 60 calorie biscuits after my dinner I would have been ahead. Maybe tomorrow…

If it hadn’t been for wanting to write something on the blog I think I would have stayed in and eaten more junk, so the blog saved me today. Lets hope it continues to help, and I hope its helping some of you too.

Next week I am going obsessive for 5 days to try and make some progress. If you fancy joining in please do.


I am beginning to think the only way to shift some of my lard is going for an intensive/obsessive program for a few weeks.

It just seems to be too easy to ‘forget’, or to put off for another day trying to reduce fat if its just a small part of everyday living.

I am thinking a one month sprint, to get some healthy habits in place and see some encouraging improvements, followed by a generally more healthy work/life balance.

I’ll post my plans in the next few days.

How was your Christmas?

I hope you did better than me!

After all my big talk last Oct, I got really busy at work, and as usual the first thing to suffer was my health campaign. Then Christmas happened, and I did appallingly badly! I ate my own body weight in shite all day everyday for weeks. I should be thankful things aren’t worse than they are!

And of course eating the wrong food just made me lazy and lethargic so I didn’t do much activity – the classic double whammy.

So from getting down to

Weight: 83.8 kg ( 185 lbs, 13 stone 3 lbs) in Oct, I am now

Weight: 89.2 kg ( 197 lbs, 14 stone 1 lbs)

A gain of almost 6 kg, 12Ibs, that almost a 10% increase, about the weight of an extra arm, or a small child. Whatever, its not good!

Sorry for being out of touch for so long, but I am back now and focused again. Updates should be more regular from now on.