Progress to 11 Nov

none really!

I briefly got below 84kg (83.8)

Weight: 83.8 kg ( 185 lbs, 13 stone 3 lbs)

Before creeping back up to mid 84. something.

I really thought seeing 83.something would be some kind of major tipping point and things would somehow get easier.


On the plus side I am still less fat than when I started ( 87 kg ( 192 lbs, 13 stone 10 lbs)), but that was several months ago, and the rate of weight loss is looking wowrse and worse.

I’m now under hyper-pressure at work and as usual health is the first thing to suffer.

The darkness isn’t helping for sure, but in all honesty I could have got out to do something active, in reality I have squandered plenty of opportunity these last couple of weeks.

Next week maybe??