British summer time

Ended this morning – a potential one hour lie in for anyone without kids.

The down side of course is that it now gets darker earlier – basically there is no light evening time now until spring.

I can’t help thinking this is unlikely to have a positive effect on most peoples body fat management program. Maybe I’m not enough of a morning person to benefit from the light mornings. But I know from experience I’m going to struggle to drag myself out in the pitch black to do some activity.

And footie with the kids is off the agenda too as it will be too dark by the time they get in from school.

Looks like I better order those bike lights.

Anyone else find it harder to control your weight in the winter?


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  1. Hi Frank

    Just stumbled across your blog while looking for a conversion table for kilos to stones/pounds. I haven’t read the other entries but your message from Sunday inspired me to put my penny’s worth in…

    I’ve just “lost” (sounds so easy) 10 kilos by going to Weight Watchers. I’ve been a proud Gold Card holder since last night’s meeting!!

    However, I’m a bit worried about the winter, too, cos my craving for warming, mostly fatty foods increases dramatically as soon as the nights start drawing in. My fruit intake has drastically dropped and I drink a lot more hot drinks instead of the litres of water I should be drinking.

    I shall still go to WW meetings once a month just to keep reminding myself of what I need to do regularly and get tips and motivation from the other (mostly) women. I’m not kidding myself that I’ve changed my (bad) eating habits of a lifetime in just 6 months 😉

    What kept me going was keeping focussed on my aim- maybe you’ve got a photo of yourself when you were slimmer, or there’s an old pair of jeans you’d like to get back into….

    It is definitely worth the effort – I feel fantastic and have greatly improved my self-confidence! It was only 5 years or so that I had the extra 10 kilos, but it’s amazing how my self-esteem went down the pan in that time (had a baby, usual story). And don’t forget – when you have lost the weight, you can eat a little more after that, so it’s not forever!

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Suzanne and well done on your weightloss.
    I havent seen a male friendly equivalent of WW which I think would be good.
    I currently fit in my ‘big’ jeans which is better than a couple of months ago when it was joggers only – and I can bend down in them. My ‘normal’ jeans though are still some way off.

  3. Hello Frank,

    Just wanted to say that this is a really good idea having this blog. I’m sure that it motivates you but it is also great motivation for other people.

    Yes, it is definately much harder to get physical and stay physical when it becomes darker earlier.

    But I look at it his way… If I put good efffort into being physically active in the winter, then I hope to see results that will enable me to look and feel better in the Spring. Imagine being able to be feel thinner and more energised in the Spring when you are playing footie with your kids.

    Also, one of the things that I do as I often find it more difficult to be physical in the evening when it is dark, it to pull myself out of bed a bit earlier in the morning (I am NOT a morning person AT ALL) and get down to the gym before work. This leaves me feeling energised and knowing that I’ve done something good for myself. Then, in the evening I’ll do some push-ups and sit-ups.

    I wish you all the best and again, thanks for the blog!

  4. hello frank

    Try not to let the short days get you down , i like the autum / winter season i do most of my walking when it,s starts getting dark .
    I love this time of year the weather for me is just right not too hot and not too cold, i also come from the north of england guess where ? birkenhead wirral .
    I live in surrey the weather down here is much milder compared to the north west.
    I used my new pedometer this afternoon it,s great much better than the cheappies its an omron walking styler II .
    I walked 5.07km , 9,944 steps, 8,253 aerobic steps, 381 cals burnt thats 23.7g of ??, and thats it.
    i have,nt walked for quite a few months so i am going to try and build it up to about 13,000 steps a day.

    bye for now

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