Update 26 Oct

My weight has crept up maybe half a pound, or a pound. Which is actually pretty good as I have eaten tons of rubbish and done little structured exercise. I need to do a proper weigh in and fat measurement to check.

The only explanation that springs to mind is its football season (thats the football that involves the foot and a ball, where only the goalie can touch it with their hands). So I have been playing footie with the kids for 20-30 mins most days. If that is a factor then thats excellent news, as its great fun, and easy to fit in around school, meals, and darkness.

Everytime I have been ready to go out on my bike its dark. There are no street lights here, and my current bike lights are too weedy to be much use, so I don’t go out. Good lights have always been hard to justify on cost grounds, but I’m beginning to think it would be worth it. And actually the cost has come down quite a bit this year as new cheaper technology has been introduced.

Maybe its time to go shopping.

The big killer is that if I miss out on a bike ride then come the evening I can’t keep my fat little fingers out of the biscuit jar!

In fact the savings in junk food I won’t eat if I went for a ride would probably pay for the lights in a couple of weeks.

Definitely time to go shopping!

I’ll report back next week, by which time I hope to have cracked that (currently magical) 83.something kilo barrier.


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