Update 17 Oct

I’m still hanging in there, just.

Had a bad week last week – well I guess not bad, just not good. I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain either.

This week has been much better. I’ve been out on the bike most days, only for between 15 and 30 minutes, but thats something.

Current weight:

Weight: 84.2 kg ( 186 lbs, 13 stone 4 lbs)

Which is going the right way (Down from: 87 kg ( 192 lbs, 13 stone 10 lbs). Most importantly I feel good, I feel active and lively.

The biggest worry is this:

Previously just cutting out the junk in my diet caused a reasonable weight loss, say a pound a week or something. This time thats not happening. I don’t know if I’m just not as active currently, or if something else changed, I’m not sure.

The thought of never daring to eat a bit of chocolate, or a bag of crisps, or a biscuit (can anyone seriously only eat one??) is a bit scary actually. Maybe it should be liberating?

I’m hoping for an 83.something weight at the weekend, which I feel will be a minor tipping point. And I really hope that gives me momentum to keep going, and maybe even do more faster.

Hows your program going?


2 Responses

  1. I’m hanging in at the same 127-128lbs. Because of the drastic change in my husband’s eating habits, mine have changed a lot too. No more fried things on our menu.
    I’m desperately trying to keep up my gymming routine. Weekends lead to this double whammy. Office Gym is closed, and at home I tend to eat a lot. But my keeping up the schedule on weekdays gives me some hope.

  2. I find my eating and exercise routine to be completely fragile. If anything anywhere changes I don’t train and I eat junk. All the fit people I know stay more consistent.
    Keep holding onto the positives, and maybe try and find something active to do at home is all I can suggest.

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