Progress report to 3 oct

The aim was to have lost a kilo by now. That hasn’t happened. But on the positive side I havent put weight on. I seem to have picked up a dose on man flu. This is a bit like a common cold, but makes you moan and look for sympathy – only afflicts men. Luckily it took the edge off ny appetite too.

I’m back on today though, I went for a bike ride – which after a few days off was a bit of a battle.

I wonder if I should aim for a one week on one week off approach? Thats what it seems to be ending up as. I’ve sort of tried this before and the week off tends to be too lazy and greedy, and tends to drag on for an extra day here, and extra day there, until there is no time on the program.

We’ll see, I’ll report in in a couple of days with any progress.


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