British summer time

Ended this morning – a potential one hour lie in for anyone without kids.

The down side of course is that it now gets darker earlier – basically there is no light evening time now until spring.

I can’t help thinking this is unlikely to have a positive effect on most peoples body fat management program. Maybe I’m not enough of a morning person to benefit from the light mornings. But I know from experience I’m going to struggle to drag myself out in the pitch black to do some activity.

And footie with the kids is off the agenda too as it will be too dark by the time they get in from school.

Looks like I better order those bike lights.

Anyone else find it harder to control your weight in the winter?


Update 26 Oct

My weight has crept up maybe half a pound, or a pound. Which is actually pretty good as I have eaten tons of rubbish and done little structured exercise. I need to do a proper weigh in and fat measurement to check.

The only explanation that springs to mind is its football season (thats the football that involves the foot and a ball, where only the goalie can touch it with their hands). So I have been playing footie with the kids for 20-30 mins most days. If that is a factor then thats excellent news, as its great fun, and easy to fit in around school, meals, and darkness.

Everytime I have been ready to go out on my bike its dark. There are no street lights here, and my current bike lights are too weedy to be much use, so I don’t go out. Good lights have always been hard to justify on cost grounds, but I’m beginning to think it would be worth it. And actually the cost has come down quite a bit this year as new cheaper technology has been introduced.

Maybe its time to go shopping.

The big killer is that if I miss out on a bike ride then come the evening I can’t keep my fat little fingers out of the biscuit jar!

In fact the savings in junk food I won’t eat if I went for a ride would probably pay for the lights in a couple of weeks.

Definitely time to go shopping!

I’ll report back next week, by which time I hope to have cracked that (currently magical) 83.something kilo barrier.

Update 17 Oct

I’m still hanging in there, just.

Had a bad week last week – well I guess not bad, just not good. I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain either.

This week has been much better. I’ve been out on the bike most days, only for between 15 and 30 minutes, but thats something.

Current weight:

Weight: 84.2 kg ( 186 lbs, 13 stone 4 lbs)

Which is going the right way (Down from: 87 kg ( 192 lbs, 13 stone 10 lbs). Most importantly I feel good, I feel active and lively.

The biggest worry is this:

Previously just cutting out the junk in my diet caused a reasonable weight loss, say a pound a week or something. This time thats not happening. I don’t know if I’m just not as active currently, or if something else changed, I’m not sure.

The thought of never daring to eat a bit of chocolate, or a bag of crisps, or a biscuit (can anyone seriously only eat one??) is a bit scary actually. Maybe it should be liberating?

I’m hoping for an 83.something weight at the weekend, which I feel will be a minor tipping point. And I really hope that gives me momentum to keep going, and maybe even do more faster.

Hows your program going?

Progress report to 3 oct

The aim was to have lost a kilo by now. That hasn’t happened. But on the positive side I havent put weight on. I seem to have picked up a dose on man flu. This is a bit like a common cold, but makes you moan and look for sympathy – only afflicts men. Luckily it took the edge off ny appetite too.

I’m back on today though, I went for a bike ride – which after a few days off was a bit of a battle.

I wonder if I should aim for a one week on one week off approach? Thats what it seems to be ending up as. I’ve sort of tried this before and the week off tends to be too lazy and greedy, and tends to drag on for an extra day here, and extra day there, until there is no time on the program.

We’ll see, I’ll report in in a couple of days with any progress.