Progress update

I finally got around to weighing myself, the figures:

Weight: 85 kg ( 187 lbs, 13 stone 5 lbs)

Fat: 30%

So I’ve lost 2kg (4 lbs) of fat in about a month. not brilliant, but not bad, especially considering I have been away.

I’m not sure its quite enough to keep me motivated though. And I am concerned about the number of months I need to keep this up for to get to my target weight of:

Weight: 70 kg ( 154 lbs, 11 stone 0 lbs)

On the positive side though I am really not interested in eating the junk food I used to love. If that were to become a permanent change I think I would be sorted. Just cutting that rubbish out will lose me half a kilo (a pound) a week I reckon.

Also I havent done as much activity as I was intending due to work pressures and various other basically weak excuses. I am back on track now though – I’m just back from a 1/2 hour bike ride.


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  1. You’re doing great, keep going!

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