Fat maths

I remember reading somewhere that a kilo of fat contains about 7,700 Calories of energy. Although looking on google I have seen 9,000 and 7,000 and 8,100. I am just going to use the 7,000 for ease of maths.

I can put on half a kilo (a pound) a week which is 3,500 cals easy, thats eating an extra (unneeded) 500 cals per day (that would be an understatement I reckon).

I estimate that if I cut out the junk I eat that will reduce my calories by 1,000 per day, so that is 500 that causes my weight to increase and 500 that will cause it to reduce. the net effect then is that instead of my weight going up by half a kilo (a pound) per week, it will go down by that much. And this is with no change in activity.

If I do some exercise that burns 500 cals per day then over a week I should have saved 3,500 cals from eating sensibly and burnt 3,500 from exercise. The effect then according to the maths will be a loss in body fat of 1 kilo (2 lbs).

And thats my plan – don’t eat 3,500 cals and burn 3,500 cals extra and aim to lose a kilo a week.

So the intake side is sorted, what about the activity how to burn an extra 500 cals?

well a half hour run is probably around 500, and biking at a similar heart rate is presumably similar. So what I need to do is do a minimum of half an hour of heavy breathing level exercise a day. Currently I aim to do that is 2 sessions a 10-15 minute run and a 20-30 min ride. Anyway it all looks feasible.

I’ll report back in a few days.

Maths summary:
Getting fat = eat needed cals + 500 per day
Staying fat = eat needed cals
reducing fat by 0.5kg (1 pound) per week = eat needed cals – 500 per day
reducing fat by 1kg (2.2 lbs) per week = eat needed cals – 500 per day and burn extra 500 cals per day.


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