Goal Setting

There are 2 basic types of goal

Performance goals – these are things you can totally control and actions you want to do. Examples for me

  • cut out the junk food
  • eat more fruit veg and cereals
  • do something active most days

Outcome goals – these are the things you hope will happen if you perform the actions in your performance goals. These are indirect goals and not something you can actually ‘do’. Examples for me

  • reduce my body fat
  • reduce my weight
  • improve my fitness

So the outcome goals are the things we really want, and performance goals relate to what we believe we need to do in order to achieve the outcomes we desire. It feels like I have to educate myself to care more about the performance side of things because I tend to focus on the outcomes, and I’m not sure thats too helpful.

For the next couple of weeks I’m going to concentrate on my main performance goals above, and try to fixate less on the outcomes I am after. I think I will still need to weigh myself frequently to reassure myself that my eating and exercising are working at reducing fat.

Do you focus on one type more than the other? Which?


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