Quick catch up

I’ve been away with work for a few days and basically realised my worst fears.

I had really convinced myself beforehand that I was going to be eating salads and fruit. As opposed to the burgers, chips, pastries and cakes that I ended up eating. (And to be honest they weren’t that impressive, nice, but not nice enough for the (fat) cost – I just have to keep reminding myself that!)

I took my gym kit and my swimming kit for all the exercise I was going to do whilst away. I’ve brought it all back unused. I was very busy to be sure, but I do believe I could have tried harder to compromise somewhere and get a bit of exercise in.

I havent had chance to weigh myself properly yet, but I suspect I’ve put on half a kilo (a pound) or so in the last week. so its not the end of the world – I have done this before and ended two weeks of intermittent effort fatter than I started. I don’t think I’m quite at that level, but possibly closer than I would like.

I’m still a bit jet lagged, and my clock is out of step, but Sunday I really have to get out and do something active. If the weather is as nice as it was today that should be ok, if not well… I should still be able to convince myself to get out.

I started this weight-loss campaign around 87 kg (13 stone 10 pounds, 192 pounds) and I suspect I am a pound or so lighter now. 0.5 kg or 1 pound weight loss in almost 3 weeks doesn’t sound that great.

Next week my focus is going to be on using my exercise shield to keep me off the junk food and trying to be as active as I possibly can, whilst still holding down my super sedentary job. Using replacement theory I’m going to up my fruit, veg and cereal intake.

Target for next weekend?

Weight of  85.something  kg ( 189 lbs, 13 stone 7 lbs) ish.

I want to lose at least 1 kilo (2 lbs).

What are your plans and targets?


2 Responses

  1. Hi there! My name is Allie. I have been overweight for seven years now. I have been up and dwn with dieting. It has been a roller coaster ride! In January of this year i was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and it changed my life! All of a sudden i could no longer eat foods i had eaten my whole life. It was a HUGE life change! But in the midst of these nine months i have learned some things. I used to be so impatient like all of this weight needed to fall off immediately! i have learned to be patient. i no longer overeat bc for so long i didnt have anything to overeat on! I have learned how to reduce my portion sizes as my stomach has shrunk. I have lost 31 pounds in nine months and two pant sizes. And i have kept it off! So my advice, is to not concentrate on the weightloss. Start to focus on retraining your eating habits and other habits like exercise. It really works! And as the weight starts to come off you will learn to enjoy it and not focus so much on how much weight you have lost! It took me SEVEN years to learn this! Good luck!

  2. Well done on the weight loss Allie, I totally agree on the focus thing.

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