Replacement theory

I read plenty of ‘advice’ on what to eat, and what not to eat. and plenty of advice on what to do and not do. All in the name of reducing fat or losing weight.

Personally I think advice on ‘cutting things out’ is misguided. I don’t think its possible to remove something on its own. Just like its impossible to stop a habit.

What we can do is replace something with something else. We have replaced our habit of chillin’ in front of the tele with tea and biscuits with getting out and about on an evening.

I am trying to replace fatty and sugary snacks with fruit or even water, or even some exercise. I havent worked out just what you can replace somethings with, but a surprising large range of things seems to work for me.

When I gave up smoking, I didn’t ‘give up’ I replaced it with sports.

What I would really like is to replace my sitting on my arse job with a physical one and still pay the bills.

Back to the point, don’t think about giving up or reducing, think instead of replacing with something else. Let us know if it works.


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