Tipping point

There is a theory I heard of somewhere about why some things suddenly seem to get easier.

Like if you are learning a new sport or language and at first it makes no sense, then suddenly something clicks and things start to be easier to learn.

I’m wondering if there is such a tipping point in the fat management world.

On putting weight on, I guess at some point it becomes harder to participate in active stuff and the fat piles on. I think I’ve come close, but not sure this has happened to me.

On losing weight, at some point it becomes possible to join in with sport or active hobbies. As you become more active the fat reduces more quickly, leading to a virtuous circle. I think I sort of went through this a few years ago when I got fit enough to go biking with some fit-lads.

Do you reckon there is a tipping point for fat reduction?


3 Responses

  1. I think a tipping point must be there. The harder thing is to find it. I am a newbie to the fitness club. Started going to my office gym 2 weeks back and slipped 2 days this week. Lets see how it goes from here….

  2. Keep it up anshu – going make you feel better doesn’t it?
    Of course you have to listen to your body too – I’m forever overdoing it, then either needing days and days off or I end up injured with weeks off. [slow learner!]

  3. Ah, I wish the “tipping point” were based more on serious research rather than OMAF. I know the author of the book, Malcolm Gladwell, and I am seriously underwhelmed with the the rigour of his study. I think the point for each person is individual and hard to identify.


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