From bad to worse (and back?)

Today is Thursday.

Monday started well, and then went to bits in the evening

Tuesday and Wednesday were both bad, I didn’t do any exercise and I ate a load of crap.

Today though, so far I have stayed off the treats and managed to get out for a bike ride earlier. I feel loads healthier than I have for the last coulple of days.

What went wrong? Well I got busy at work, took my eye off the ‘weight loss’ ball, stayed up working too late, was too soft with myself…

Basically I feel like a recovering alcoholic who fell off the wagon. I havent weighed myself to check the damage, but I bet I have put some back on. I’ll do it tomorrow am and report back.

What brought things back around? actually an ecouraging comment from Sap shook me out of my downward spiral – so thanks for that! I hope I can repay the favour one day.

If you are going through the same challenges then good luck, don’t forget you can always recover the situation after a drifting off course.


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