A bit of a poor day

Yesterday started well. I did a short ride, which was hard work. Then I had to do some travelling for work

I called for fuel and managed to avoid the fuel = chocolate habit, and bought an apple instead.

I did my appointments and then I drove home, when I called for fuel again (yes I went a long way!) it all fell apart. I got a big dodgy pastie and a coke and some choc, which basically just made me more hungry.

I ate all that junk whilst driving, then when I got home I ‘needed’ some crisps, and some sweets, and so the day that started so well turned to disaster by the evening.

It seems that my exercise shield which worked in the morning had run out by home time.

I think what went wrong was not doing some exercise before the journey home. I’m not sure how realistic it would have been. But maybe with more commitment to losing weight and less commitment to being ‘normal’ I could have stopped for a run at a motorway services or something.

My mouth still feel funny this morning after the intense flavour of the crisps I had last night. Its no wonder natural food tastes so poor in comparison to the engineered stuff.

Oh and it was dark by the time I got home, so I would have struggled to go out even if I could have raised my game enough.

This is a major limiting factor in my weight loss campaign – my activities can’t really be done at night. Yet, anyway. I need to fix this with winter closing in or I am doomed. Whilst I am at it I need to think about foul weather alternatives. Riding and running are easy in the sun, its a different story in the horizontal sleet that could arrive anytime.

Today I am taking it steady, I’m working from home and will just do one session later on (to try and protect me from the evening ‘treat’ demons!).


4 Responses

  1. Keep going you are doing well. We all slip a little, now and again. Good luck and I look forward to reading more of your blog!


  2. Thanks Sap
    That was just the nudge I needed – I’m just back from a bike ride.

  3. Great news. I completed a fun run yesterday and made the finishing line! It was so much more difficult running outside than on the treadmill, but the main thing is I made it!

  4. Well done!

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