Why bother losing weight?

Years ago I gave up smoking properly after several false starts. I see reducing my body fat as similar.

One of the things I found useful was to be clear on the benefits to me of not smoking.

So in the same vein I think being clear what the personal benefits are of slimming down are is useful too.

For me (in no particular order) I want to get in shape because:

  1. I want to fit into my clothes.
  2. I want to keep up with my kids
  3. I want to be fit enough to participate in various sports
  4. I dont like my fat body shape, and much prefer to be slim
  5. My legs get sore at the top where they rub – they didn’t do that when I was thinner.
  6. If I don’t do something now I’m worried I will just get fatter and fatter, till what? Where does it end?

I’m sure there are other reasons I can’t think of at the moment. What about yours?

I reckon if we can’t come up with a convincing set of reasons to slim, then we may as well accept being fat because we aren’t going to succeed in losing weight. Do you agree?


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