Fat to weight conversion

My stats today are:

Weight: 85.4 kg ( 188 lbs, 13 stone 6 lbs)

Fat: 30% 

Whilst I certainly do want to lose weight, and weight is one of my key measurements, my real goal is to reduce my body fat percentage. From the above figures you can see that:

85.4 kg @ 30% fat means I’m carrying 25.5 kgs of fat.

25.5 kg /30% means currently 1% body fat weighs 0.85 kg (about 2 lbs).

So in theory if I lose 1 kg in weight I should reduce my body fat by 1% too.

Lets hope we can find out if this is true in a few days time.

The weight of a percentage point of fat will reduce as my full weight reduces (and I hope my weight does reduce!). Your figures are probably slightly different.

As a matter of fact my stats today do not tie up right as my fat free weight has gone down. So either I really weight more (0.5kg/1 lb) or my body fat should have been 29%.

In theory, if I can lose the same amount of weight each week, and the weight of a percent of fat is reducing, then in theory (again) it should get easier/quicker to reduce my body fat percentage. Now theres a cheery thought for a cold wet evening.


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