Fat or obese?

In common with many people who consider themselves ‘fat’, ‘overfat’, ‘chubby’, ‘rotund’, ‘overweight’, or whatever you want to call it, technically I’m not.

No, I’m not fat, I’m obese! 

And most obese people think they are just ‘a bit fat’. The BBC did a street survey a few months ago here. Sadly they used BMI (Body Mass Index) which strikes me as bollox. In these days of cheap, convenient and easy to use body fat analysers, using this made up calculation seems unnecessary. I neither know nor care what the BMI is for healthy/fat/obese, but I do know the body fat percentages.

For a 40 year old bloke (dunno why it changes with age):

  • Underfat: 0 – 11%
  • Healthy: 11% – 22%
  • Overfat: 22% – 28%
  • Obese: 28% to 100%

Thats from the guide that came with my Special-K fat monitor – free (or cheap) with a couple of cereal coupons.

Last year when I was 39, anything over 25% body fat was obese, so I was way over. 12 months later, and the same body fat (30%), I am now much nearer just being fat.

My current target then is to get below 22% body fat, into the healthy zone. That would put me at a weight of

77 kg ( 170 lbs, 12 stone 2 lbs) (Target date – to be decided over the next week or so, depending how I do)

Ideally I am aiming for 15% fat which is a weight of 

71 kg ( 157 lbs, 11 stone 3 lbs)

Its a long time since I was that weight I can tell you!


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