Progress to Sat 8 Sept

Well I was really hoping to see under 86 kg ( 190 lbs, 13 stone 8 lbs) this morning.

And yay! I did it:

Weight: 85.8 kg ( 189 lbs, 13 stone 7 lbs), yahoo. And my body fat went down from 31% to 30%, which is consistent.

I’ll sort out a chart this week.

So I’ve gone from 87 to 86 in a week – a 1 kg/2lb loss.

My target for the forthcoming week is low 84s (84 kg ( 185 lbs, 13 stone 3 lbs), so I’m aiming for 1.5 kg loss or so. How do I intend to do that?

I will continue to firmly control what I eat, using exercise where possible. I will do 3 (possibly short) exercise sessions a day most days. Most days I’m looking to do at least 1 session thats 20 mins to half an hour.

The big thing is, even though I feel a little weary physically after stepping up my activity this week, I also feel loads healthier. I hope to use that to motivate increased efforts this coming week.

I’ll be weighing myself most days, but will do a progress update on Tue/Wed/Thur probably (aiming for 85.0 or so).

The biggest risk I see is getting an overuse injury. I’ve had a few achillies/calf problems in the past, hopefully doing biking which is no impact will reduce the risk of that.


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