How often should you weigh yourself?

Most of the stuff I have read suggests you should weight yourself no more than once a week.


If I am trying hard to lose weight and reduce body fat, I want feedback more frequently than once per seven days. C’mon people have you never actually worked to shift the flab?

Of course weight fluctuates during the day (mine can vary by a good few of kg/lbs), and so you have to take any measurement as an estimate. The key is the trend over time of course. I often see a weight and I know its nonsense, maybe I just ate a load, or havent drunk for ages. I’d rather see it and discount it than never know.

Personally I weigh myself most days. I don’t beat myself up if I get a too high weight, and I don’t go straight to the biscuit tin if I see a low one. (not straight there anyway…)

Is that obsessive? Maybe

Does it work for me? Well it has in the past and I hope it will this time.

Once a week may work from an accuracy point of view, but it’s no use from a motivational pov. Not for me anyway, I need more frequent feedback. Thats why I have a set of scales that measure to the nearest 0.2 kg (0.5 lbs), (0.1 would be better). If I am working hard at losing weight I’d hope to see a reduction most days. Sometimes knowing it will kill tomorrows weigh-in is enough to put me off eating something I don’t need.

How often do you weigh yourself?


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