A good day.

I got up and did some suff with the kids, did my weigh in – results here. Before dinner I went out for a run for 15 minutes. Not massive, but I’m working up from less than 10 minutes (which nearly killed me last week!).

I like running (in our local woods) and I think it is a superb exercise. My only concern is inflaming old injuries. I had thought I should hold off running till I got my weight down to around 80 kg ( 176 lbs, 12 stone 8 lbs) to reduce the risk. However I’m not sure I would ever get down to that weight without running.

I don’t think I have ever lost significant weight without running, and in fact many of my fat problems started because of a leg injury (shin splints) whilst running.

Anyway the run helped me eat a sensible dinner and avoid snacks all afternoon. This evening I went for a bike ride (30 mins). I enjoy riding my bike too (luckily) and it feels less risky from an injury point of view. However I don’t think it is as effective as running for either buring fat or improving aerobic fitness, not for me anyway.

Tea was mainly rice, so fairly healthy, but I did eat a lot, and went back for seconds. But I havent eaten a single item of junk food, no crisps (the kids had some at dinner – I was seriously tempted – but resisted yay), no biscuits and no choc or sweets. This is a bit of a result as I normally sneak something in.

I think the guilt of having to own up to you lot had a positive effect, so thanks for that!

So I’ve done about 40 mins of ‘proper’ activity, but have been generally more lively than a work day. Overall a good day – a few weeks like today and I’ll be well on the way to being ‘not fat’.


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  1. Very interesting – I used to suffer from shin splints as an occasional jogger who went more frequent and i couldn’t work out why i was so crippled for days after a long run – after reading a lot about it, i found that two things were needed.
    (1) Decent running shoes with plenty of cushioning.
    (2) To change the running gait to run so the footfall rolls on the ball to heel, never on the toes or heel.

    It was (1) that changed everything for me.

    The best book i found to deal with all these running injuries and advice, warm ups streaches etc.. this was ‘running for fitness’ written by Seb Coe and his father http://www.amazon.co.uk/Running-Fitness-Sebastian-Coe/dp/1851452567/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&s=gateway&qid=1201356173&sr=8-8

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