Progress to Thur 6 Sep

On the Sep 3 my stats were:

  • Weight 88kg (13 stone 12 pounds, 194 pounds)
  • Fat 30%

I did some calcs to get my fat free weight which lead me to believe these figures weren’t quite right.

[Fat free weight 61.6 kg (9 stone 10 pounds, 136 pounds) Seems high.]

This morning my stats are:

  • Weight 86.6 kg (13 stone 9 pounds, 191 pounds)
  • Fat 31%

[Fat free weight 60 kg (9 stone 6 pounds, 132 pounds) more realistic.]

Whats the point of fat free weight?

Its my sense check that weight and body fat are in line. It looks like that first weight I was well hydrated which means my weight was higher than normal and body fat measured lower than normal.

What this means is my 1.4 kg ‘weight loss’ in 3 days is a sham, or at least misleading, my ‘real’ or comparative stats are probably something like:

  • Starting Weight 87 kg (13 stone 10 pounds, 192 pounds)
  • Fat 31%

So I’ve maybe lost half a kilo or a pound of fat. Happy with that.

I’ve done a couple of hours biking, managed to get out for a run and have been pretty good on the food front.

chocolate muffin

I said pretty good! a packet of these turned up, for the kids (I include myelf in that when it suits me!). I heard them calling me. To be honest I’m pleased I managed to only eat one. There is another one left in the kitchen at the moment, but I reckon I can resist (although the one I accidentally ate was V nice).

I also did some travelling over the past few days, which meant calling at the petrol station/sweet shop – oops!

Its like a habit, buy some fuel and stick a couple of chocolate bars on the bill. I totally didn’t need to eat them, but I did and I enjoyed them. And I didn’t really feel bad about it either.

I have a plan to reduce these ‘accidents’ and a theory about how/why it happens. I’ll post about it later.

On the plus side I’ve really enjoyed getting out on my bike, saw a roe doe (deer) and kids this morning, saw a buck the other day. Winter is closing in so the biking may become a bit of a chore, we’ll see.


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