Exercise shield

This is purely my personal opinion based on stuff I’ve read over the years and what I’ve experienced personally.

I reckon that doing some exercise, reduces my desire to eat shite. BUT I think the effect only lasts a few hours, AND the exercise has to be a decent intensity and for a reasonable duration.

How many hours? I dont know, 4 maybe? If I go for a ride in the morning I feel healthy till dinner time, but by early afternoon I’m on the hunt for snacks. If I do something else before dinner then I’ll eat sensibly and not crave rubbish all afternoon. But by tea time I’ll eat anything I find. So yeah each exercise sessions gives me around 4 hours protection from the ‘eat crap’ demons.

Exercise intensity: Well I don’t think walking does it, certainly not a dawdle, maybe a speed walk or a brisk walk. Running deffo works, and biking does too. Swimming doesn’t work, I’m always Hank Marvin (starvin’) after swimming, so its all I can do to get past the snack (chocolate and crisps – not fruit!) machine they strategically place in the foyer of most pools.

I dunno maybe getting my heart rate over 120 ish is the key? I’ve never checked my heart rate whilst walking so I don’t know where the boundary lies. Maybe to the point where I feel like I’m working, but not heart pounding out of breath intensity.

Exercise duration: Don’t know this either, maybe 5 or 10 minutes? Certainly a quick jog round the kitchen has no effect (although it lets me see whats available to eat!). A twenty minute run works, and I reckon a 10 minute one does too.

Having worked this out here is what I plan to do:

  • Do at least 10 mins of vigorous exercise before I eat anything in the morning.
  • Do something within 4 hours or before dinner whichever is sooner
  • Mid afternoon say 3 or 4 ish do another few mins
  • And again before tea and before the evening snack time (8pm till 2 or 3 am for me!)

So thats 5 times 10 mins or so – less than an hour, of my 16 hours conscious time. I think that sounds like a good investment. Of course if you take work and travel time of 10 hours out of there it doesn’t look so good, but still.

Thats the current plan, we’ll see how long before work, life, family or whatever gets in the way. One or 2 sessions will probably be much longer than 10 mins.

Note this is purely about using exercise to suppress appetite, not about improving cardio-vascular health, burning fat, or aerobic fitness or anaerobic fitness. I think it will benefit those things, but thats not the primary aim. Future posts will cover that stuff.


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