Ideal body – what value

What, or how much would you pay to have your ideal body?

If I had a miracle ‘thing’ that could get you to your ideal body shape/weight/composition (which I havent – nor does anyone I believe), what would you pay?

50 quid? a hundred? a months salary? more? sell your granny? Give up choccy biccies for a week?

Just curious really, I had this discussion with my wife, she wasn’t interested unless the ‘fix’ could maintain her ideal body as well.

So what value to get from where you are to your ideal body?, and

what value to maintain your new body?

I think its important from a motivational POV to be clear on how valuable weight loss would be. Some people may just not want it enough and would be better off accepting they are fat, and always will be and just get on with their life.

For me, I would give up a months income to lose my excess fat, and probably the same again to maintain it (I’d be expecting a bit more muscle mass and good fitness too though).

Thats quite an interesting thought – if I found an active job that paid 10/12 of what I currently earn, in theory I would be at least as happy.

What about you?


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